On this page you can find all the fully documented supporting files for Randers, J., Rockstrom J., Stoknes, PE., Golüke, U., Collste, D. and Cornell, S. (2018) Transformation is Feasible. How to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Within Planetary Boundaries, Stockholm University; Stockholm Resilience Center. The paper itself is available for download as a PDF, from this site, from the site of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the site of the Centre for Green Growth at BI.

Supporting documents are “Achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals within 9 planetary boundaries” available here and “The Empirical Bases for the Earth3 Model: Technical Notes on the Sustainable Development Goals and Planetary Boundaries” available here.

The spreadsheets were created in EXCEL 2016. ESCIMO+ was created in Vensim. Information on Vensim and the software is available at To examine the files, you should download from here the technical documentation and then the zipped file containing all relevant files. Unzip it into a new and empty directory on your PC. Documentation of the ESCIMO+ model is provided in the .html files. Double-click on any of them to open the file in your standard browser. Documentation of the EXCEL sheets is contained within the sheets, they are not locked so that you can examine the logic at the cell and formula level. When opening the t180910 FINAL EARTH-3-core-p.xlsx sheet you will be asked for links, ignore these links as they point to historical data files. The sources for historical data are given on tab ‘E3-cover’ if you want to go back to the sources yourself. All material is dated September 10, 2018.

You are free to experiment with the material but be aware that we are not able to provide any support.

All files and data are copyrighted by Jorgen Randers and provided under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. All files are provided as is. No WARRANTY of any kind whatsoever is provided.  There are no warranties, express or implied as to these files, including, but not limited to, warranties that the files can used for anything.