‘ESCIMO’ is an acronym and stands for Earth System Climate Interpretable Model.

Please note that the acronym for the software model described in the ESD paper is now recognized to be culturally insensitive and inappropriate. The editors of the journal ESD, the journal owner European Geosciences Union, and the publisher Copernicus Publications foster equality, diversity, and inclusiveness in scientific exchange, and do not condone in any way racism, discrimination, or cultural appropriation. The authors did not intend to insult any ethnic groups by using the acronym for this software model.

Here you can download the model and its documentation described in the paper “A User-friendly Earth System Model of Low Complexity: The ESCIMO system dynamics model of global warming towards 2100”. The paper has been published in the Earth System Dynamics Journal. You can download the full article, which you should before using the model, here:

To run the model, unzip to your disk. Download the Vensim Reader, free but registration required, from download/ Follow the instructions in the reader. To look at the documentation unzip ESCIMO documentation and double click on any .html file. The variables are listed alphabetically in mo1600331 ESCIMO FINAL-ESD – variables.txt

If there are any problems send an e-mail to 2052 [at] blue-way dot net We will respond within a matter of days.