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Professor David Andersen on ‘2052’ | 2052
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Professor David Andersen on ‘2052’

Professor David Andersen on ‘2052’

”I have enjoyed reading this new book with a particular eye to how it might be fit into the syllabus for a new course that will focus on Green Growth in the Master of Management Program, “Accounting and Law”, Norwegian Business School being taught by Jorgen Randers and Per Espen Stoknes.

I was especially pleased to be able to read this book because I am recommending that it become part of a program, “Going Green Globally (G3)” run by our school of business here at UAlbany. This program is a capstone experience for our first year MBA class that has many of the characteristics of the class being proposed by Professors Randers and Stoknes. Randers new book is a valuable pedagogical resource for such courses.

Does the text book cover the topics in a relevant way? For a course aimed at Green Growth, this text seems perfect to me. It sets the stage at a global level and draws students forward to thinking about the next forty years—the probably span of their professional careers.

Are the writings submitted to critical assessment? This whole book is based on the critical assessment of a wide range of global experts. Indeed, a strength of this book is the wide array of expert opinion by global leaders that is assembled within its pages.

Pedagogical conditions. While this book is written for an informed lay audience, it brings together a comprehensive compendium of data and opinion that can challenge advanced students and scholars. This book is ideal because it can be read on so many levels ranging from informed citizen to global climate-change expert.

Linguistic representation. Randers is an internationally acclaimed author and this book is another linguistically clear and superior example of why he has attained this international reputation.

Aesthetical representation. The book is handsomely and professional produced by Chelsea Green, a professional publisher in Vermont, USA.

Suitability for Course. I can only judge these criteria by looking at the course syllabus that you sent to me. This excellent book is embedded in a detailed syllabus of readings that seem overall to be excellent to the topic being discussed.

In sum, I believe that this book will eventually come to be widely adopted by graduate classes around the world and students at the Norwegian School of Management are lucky indeed to have this material presented by the author himself.”

review written by 

David F. Andersen

Distinguished Service Professor


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