Disrupting the Future: Great Ideas for Creating a Much Better World

Disrupting the Future: Great Ideas for Creating a Much Better World

Disrupting the Future: Great Ideas for Creating a Much Better World

Book by Wayne Visser

About the book

In 2052: A Global Forecast for the Next 40 Years (Chelsea Green, 2012), Jorgen Randers draws on his own experience in the sustainability area, global forecasting tools, and the predictions – included in the book as ‘Glimpses’ – of more than thirty leading scientists, economists, futurists, and other thinkers to guide us through the future he feels is most likely to emerge towards the middle of the century. At a meeting of 25 of the ‘Glimpse’ authors in Cambridge in October 2013, each participant was invited to present a ‘great idea’ (or thought, or development or fact) that they believed could improve on world developments over the next forty years. Following the meeting, the authors were invited to submit a brief summary of their ‘Great Idea’, for compilation. Disrupting the Future – Great ideas for Creating a Much Better Future is the result of this process and is a remarkable collection of ideas and proposals by a diverse set of thought-leaders, each of which has responded in their own creative way to Jorgen Randers’ concluding challenge in 2052: ‘Please help me make my forecast wrong. Together we could create a much better world.’


Foreword (Jørgen Randers)

  1. A Revolutionary Competition: Over Unity Free Energy (Dag Andersen)
  2. JM Keynes – An Ecological Economist? Multipliers and Morality (Iulie Aslaksen and Per Arild Garnåsjordet)
  3. The Sower’s Strategy: A Way to Speed up the Energy Transition (Ugo Bardi)
  4. 2052 for Prospectors (Catherine Cameron)
  5. The Gaia Prize For Fertile Failures (John Elkington)
  6. Rising Individualism Among the Young: A Great Challenge for Environmental Policy (Per Arild Garnåsjordet and Iulie Aslaksen)
  7. Massive Mind-shifting for Sustainability (Thomas N. Gladwin)
  8. Free Will is Highly Overrated (Ulrich Golüke)
  9. Scorecard of Organisational Un-sustainability (Rob Gray)
  10. EC Legislation to Regulate Financial Indexes (Philippe Zaouati and Carlos Joly)
  11. Gone Surfing (Alan Knight)
  12. MOOCs Bachelor in Sustainable Development (Erling Moxnes)
  13. A Floor Tariff for Renewables in Least Developed Countries (Terje Osmundsen)
  14. Collaboration Among Mediterranean Islands (Thymio Papayannis)
  15. Compulsory Vacation: Reducing the Human Ecological Footprint Through More Annual Leave (Jørgen Randers)
  16. The 5-Year Global Sustainability Olympics: A Vision From the Future (Rasmus Reinvang)
  17. Finance 2050: Greening Financial Regulation (Nick Robins and Catherine Cameron)
  18. Population Scenarios for 2052 and Beyond: Dramatic Decline? (Harald Siem)
  19. Longer Life Products (Chris Tuppen)
  20. Strategies for Resilience: Before You Save the World, Prepare to Save Yourself (Wayne Visser)
  21. Ballyhoo Economic Risks of Overshoot (Mathis Wackernagel)
  22. Addressing the Underlying Systemic Issues (Karl Wagner)
  23. The Soil Carbon Olympics (Peter Willis)

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